Thru Tubing Mud Motors

Thru Tubing Mud Motor


Tartan is a pioneer in the development of small diameter mud motor technology, having designed, manufactured and serviced small motors for over 20 years.

Tartan’s Thru Tubing Mud Motors feature a patented Sealed Bearing Assembly and provide double the flow capability compared to similar power sections via proprietary motor modifications. The Sealed Bearing Assembly also makes Tartan’s mud motors much more compatible with nitrogen than other motors.

Thru Tubing Mud Motors are equipped with a Rotor Catch to enable drilling motor recovery in the unlikely event of a connector separation or mechanical failure. Pulse Generator Vibration technology can be built into the motor to avoid third party rental costs.

All of our motors are tested with an in-house Dynamometer prior to dispatch and Tartan Service Representatives are available onsite for all milling work.


  • Mill out of:
    • Composite bridge plugs
    • Permanent bridge plugs
    • Frac ports 
    • Cement retainers
    • Cement
  • Wellbore cleanouts
  • Confirmation runs

Features and Benefits

  • Patented Sealed Bearing Assembly 
    • Utilizes 100% of flow to bit
    • More compatible with nitrogen (N2)
    • Up to 150 hours of bearing life
  • High flow capability
    • Can handle twice the flow of similar power sections through proprietary motor modifications
  • Equipped with Rotor Catch to prevent costly fishing operations
  • Pulse Generator Vibration technology can be built into the motor

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