Motor Head Assembly



Tartan’s patented Motor Head Assembly (MHA) is designed and constructed to provide the convenience of a single motor head tool for connecting to coiled tubing or jointed pipe. The MHA comes complete with a dual float sub, hydraulic disconnect and circulation sub.

The Tartan hydraulic disconnect is designed to release tubing from the tools below it via a steel ball, which is pumped or dropped to the internal seat. Hydraulic pressure is then applied to shear the shear pins and push a piston down to release the lock.


  • Operates as a hydraulic disconnect 
  • Cleans the wellbore after drilling operations are completed

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents back flow of fluid or gas into the tubing 
  • Allows the tool string to detach from the tubing via a drop ball
  • Withstands harmonics of drilling with nitrogen (N2) or air
  • Allows fluid communication with the annulus

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