Pulse Generator and Intensifier


Tartan’s patented Pulse Generator (PG) is designed to vibrate the downhole motor bottom hole assembly (BHA) to decrease tubular friction (wall contact forces), which improves rate of penetration (ROP) through better transfer of weight to the bit, and increases the reach in horizontal and deviated wells using coiled tubing or jointed pipe.

Tartan’s Intensifier tool is designed to operate in conjunction with the Pulse Generator. The Intensifier creates addition axial and lateral forces to help facilitate improved reach in horizontal and deviated wellbores.


  • Extended reach horizontal completions drill outs
  • Deviated wellbores
  • Where weight on bit (WOB) is difficult to attain

Features and benefits

  • Generates vibration both axially and laterally
  • Enables true WOB readings at surface
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces the use of costly friction reducers
  • Increases ROP with improved transfer of weight to the bit
  • Increases reach of BHA in deviated and horizontal wells
  • Vibration frequency and amplitude are adjustable
  • Improves completions drilling efficiency
  • Attaches directly to the top of the down hole motor
  • Decreases operational costs
  • No shock sub required on jointed pipes

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Case Studies


Tartan MultiFrac systems successfully stimulated 18 months post-install.


Tartan successfully completes cemented EnerFrac™ ball-drop systems in the Montney.


Tartan cemented MultiFrac limited entry ball-drop systems increase production by 12.5%.

What Our Customers are Saying

“EOG has dealt with Tartan Energy Group since 2010, during which time they provided us completions equipment and services in our Rockies Region in the USA. Tartan has helped EOG lower costs through increased efficiency and equipment reliability and have always provided knowledgeable operational support for our daily completions operations. We can confidently recommend Tartan Energy Group as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in completions equipment and services.”
EOG Resources
“Tartan Energy Group has been providing Crescent Point Energy with downhole milling services since 2009 when they started milling out frac ports in Saskatchewan. They have completed hundreds of jobs for us and still are our trusted service provider to do milling and fishing work in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. For any company looking for downhole milling services, we highly recommend Tartan Energy Group’s continued repeatable and reliable services and support.”
Crescent Point Energy Group

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