Pulse Generator Vibration

pulse generator and intensifier


Tartan’s patented Pulse Generator (PG) is designed to vibrate the downhole motor bottom hole assembly (BHA) to substantially decrease tubular friction (wall contact forces), which improves rate of penetration (ROP) through better transfer of the weight to the bit, and increases the reach while drilling horizontal and directional wells with coiled tubing or jointed pipe.


  • Horizontal and directional drilling 
  • Oriented drilling with steerable motors

Features and Benefits

  • Increases ROP with improved transfer of weight to the bit 
  • Increases reach of BHA in steerable motor assemblies by decreasing static friction 
  • Compatible with all measurement while drilling (MWD) equipment 
  • Reduces bit wear through controlled weight transfer 
  • Decreases operational costs 
  • Extends the boundaries of extended reach operations 
  • Reduces stick-slip friction 
  • Increases 24-hour ROP

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