Positive Pulse MWD


Tartan’s Positive Pulse measurement while drilling (MWD) tool provides real-time downhole drilling measurements and transmits information to surface while drilling a well. The Positive Pulse MWD can take several measurements depending on the operator’s needs, including gamma ray, directional survey, tool face, temperature, vibration and shock. 


  • S Profile Wells – Hit multiple targets or to avoid faulted regions and sidetracking
  • Directional Wells – Drilled to a position of entry point in a reservoir
  • Horizontal Wells – Produce thin zones, increase productivity from low permeability reservoirs and maximize production
  • Deep Kick-Off / J-Profile Well – Multiple sand zones, fault drilling or salt dome drilling

Features and Benefits

  • Continuously updated and proven design ensures the latest technology
  • Reliable, fast updates to the drilling operation reduce costs and downtime
  • Fully retrievable and reseatable saving valuable time and reducing lost in-hole risk
  • Battery life is increased 3 times or greater by utilizing the latest battery technologies to lower power consumption
  • Lost circulation material (LCM) issues have been nearly eliminated with design that has been proven in LCM concentrations of 15% and greater
  • Surface system utilizes 32 digital filters to help eliminate pump noise and can decode pulses as low as 1.0 psi (0.0069 MPa)
  • New pulser design allows for easy service with a portable Oil-fill unit, which typically requires less than 2 hours to service

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