Inclination & Gamma At Bit Sub

Inclination Gamma


Tartan’s At Bit Sub enables measurement of inclination and gamma count data approximately two feet behind the drill bit. Data is wirelessly transmitted around the downhole motor to the Electric Dipole System. Received data is decoded by the Electric Dipole electronics, where it is logged and periodically transmitted to the surface.

The 5.125-in. (130 mm) sub has four packets, one each for inclinometer, gamma, transmission electronics and battery. The 6.5-in. (165 mm) sub has five packets, with the same contents as the 5.125-in. subs, but with an extra battery. Battery life is typically between 8-120 hours per single battery pack.


  • Collision avoidance situations
  • Geosteering in tight formations and long laterals

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless, wireless link to MWD system
  • Azimuthal gamma ray provides clear “up” and “down” readings
  • Provides accurate inclination and rotation speeds at the bit up to 250 rpm
  • Available in 5.125-in. (130 mm) and 6.5-in. (165 mm) sizes

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