Ball-Drop Cemented Initiation Sub: Test Liner Pressure Integrity Prior to Stimulation

Ball-Drop Cemented Initiation Sub


Tartan’s Ball-Drop Cemented Initiation Sub (Ball-Drop CIS) is a modification of Tartan’s successful patented Cemented Initiation Sub. The Ball-Drop CIS incorporates a ball seat just above the standard BurstPoint™ ports. After the cement job is complete and communication is re-established, the ball seat gives the customer the ability to test the liner pressure integrity by dropping a dissolvable ball from surface.


  • Simple, reliable and rugged design for cemented liner installations
  • Provides ability to pressure test the liner prior to stimulation operations
  • Eliminates coiled tubing and perforating costs for first stage initiation in plug-and-perf operations
  • Can also be used as a flow path to initiate Tartan’s cemented MultiFrac™ or EnerFrac™ ball-drop systems
  • Can pump full stimulation treatment through BurstPoint ports for first stage stimulation after ball dissolves

Features and Benefits

  • Provides increased operational efficiency resulting in reduced costs
  • BurstPoint ports within the CIS can be sized to control the stimulation fluid rate
  • Full drift inside diameter (ID) – no drill out required
  • No special cementing procedures required
  • Surface pressure indication is an accurate monitor of BurstPoint port opening
  • Industry-proven dissolvable ball

Tartan Energy Group Case Studies

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